A Custom Breadcrumb Control in JavaFX

Posted on Thu 06 February 2014 in JavaFX

After investing some serious brain power in the dynamic sizing of the breadcrumbs in a navigation bar (described in this post), I forgot to provide a closer look at the outcome.

Here's a short video of this custom control written in JavaFX:

Video of a graph editor in JavaFX

(click to watch the video)

Implementing Breadcrumbs in JavaFX

Posted on Mon 04 November 2013 in JavaFX • Tagged with breadcrumbs, CSS, Ensemble, JavaFX, SVGPath, toolbar

I've been struggling to implement a JavaFX breadcrumbs bar using a ToolBar with a few Button items in it. The breadcrumbs should have the shape of an arrow as in the example shown in Loop81's blog post.

The breadcrumbs bar in the Ensemble application uses the same approach. What I …

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