Posted on Fri 23 August 2013 in 3D, JavaFX

Based on Jasper Potts' 3DViewer app (with support for importing OBJ, MAX, and MAYA files), we are developing an importer for FBX files into JavaFX. Below is a picture of our developer trying to understand the FBX format a screenshot of the extended 3DViewer app after loading an FBX file containing a zombie.

A JavaFX viewer application showing a Zombie object imported from an FBX

For implementing this importer, we took

The importer currently loads all mesh, material, and texture information from all nodes in the FBX graph. We support ASCII and binary file formats.

We do not yet load light, camera, and animation data (the former two should be quite simple, while animation will probably take longer).

Our work is still ongoing, and I hope we can have an improved version soon. Stay tuned!