Adding JavaFX Properties to a DTO

Posted on Mon 21 March 2016 in JavaFX • Tagged with annotations, DTO, FXForm2, JavaFX, JSR 303, UI, Wrapper

Now that I have understood what a DTO is good for, I'm thinking about ways to improve it. As they are right now, our DTOs are POJOs extended by JSR 303 annotations for defining constraints on their fields/methods. The annotations are duplicates of the annotations defined on the corresponding …

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What's up with DTOs?

Posted on Sat 19 March 2016 in Design Patterns • Tagged with Adam Bien, DTO, Eclipse RCP, EMF, JavaEE, Martin Fowler

Having worked a lot with EMF and Eclipse RCP applications based on EMF as the framework of choice for transferring domain models into code, I never got in touch with real-life examples of Data Transfer Objects (DTOs). I was familiar with the pattern in theory, but I never saw a …

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