What's up with DTOs?

Posted on Sat 19 March 2016 in Design Patterns • Tagged with Adam Bien, DTO, Eclipse RCP, EMF, JavaEE, Martin Fowler

Having worked a lot with EMF and Eclipse RCP applications based on EMF as the framework of choice for transferring domain models into code, I never got in touch with real-life examples of Data Transfer Objects (DTOs). I was familiar with the pattern in theory, but I never saw a …

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A Graph Editor in JavaFX

Posted on Thu 06 February 2014 in JavaFX • Tagged with EMF, graph editor, JavaFX, user interface

Another thing we've been working on is going to see the light of day soon: a graph editor for JavaFX. The current beta version provides the following main features:

  • create draggable, resizable nodes and connections between them
  • add multiple input or output connectors to a node
  • create joints inside a …

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