The Initializer Pattern in Java

Posted on Sat 18 March 2017 in Design Patterns • Tagged with builder pattern, Heinz Kabutz, initializer, Java

A "type-safe builder pattern in Java".

Using your SSL certificate for your Spark web application

Posted on Thu 09 March 2017 in Web Development, Sysadmin • Tagged with encryption, Java, Java keystore, let's encrypt, Spark, SSL

I've fallen in love with Spark recently. Being unexperienced with web development, I stumbled upon Spark when I was looking for a small framework for setting up a simple web application based on Java. My learning curve has been steep and my first website (consisting of nothing but a simple …

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A Potential Pitfall with the TextFormatter Class in JavaFX

Posted on Thu 07 April 2016 in JavaFX • Tagged with anchor, caret, cursor, eszett, Java, JavaFX, string conversion, text field, text formatter

A common use case for the TextFormatter class in JavaFX is a text field that should convert any lower-case character input into an upper-case character. This can be achieved easily by defining a filter for the text formatter as described here. A straightforward implementation could look like this:

private UnaryOperator …

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Can There Be Too Much of a Good Thing?

Posted on Wed 16 March 2016 in Design Patterns • Tagged with Java, JavaFX, UI

I recently worked on JavaFX UI code that was new to me. In order to extend the existing UI by a simple label, I needed access to a bean of the underlying data model. Much to my surprise, I had to dig deep to find it hidden under multiple layers …

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Using FXForm2 with EMF Models

Posted on Fri 08 November 2013 in EMF, JavaFX • Tagged with data model, forms, FXForm2, GUI generation, Java, Java Bean, JavaFX

Based on these considerations from July, we gave FXForm2 a shot for generating forms from EMF models. It worked quite smoothly after we wrote the factories that defined how the custom data types used in our models should be displayed.

We found a few things that are worth noting:

  1. Using …

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GUI Generation with JavaFX

Posted on Fri 12 July 2013 in 3D, EMF • Tagged with data model, drag & drop, Eclipse, EMF Client Platform, EMF Edit, forms, FXForm2, GUI generation, Java, JavaBean, JavaFX, open source, RCP, real world, scene graph

Recently, we have had a look at JavaFX libraries for generating UIs in a dynamic way. The idea is that we have a data model (a JavaBean class, an EMF model class, a model class with JavaFX properties,...) as input for some GUI builder that takes the model and generates …

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Designing Interfaces with JavaFX

Posted on Wed 24 April 2013 in JavaFX, UI Design • Tagged with design, e(fx)clipse, Eclipse, Halo effect, iPod, Java, JavaFX, Jenifer Tidwell, personas, user experience, user interface

Good design makes you happy. I was happy when I first saw an iPod, and even happier when I first held it in my hand. Sometimes, you will not notice the positive effects good design has on you, but you will always notice the effects of bad design.

I'm a …

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