Headless Testing with TestFX

Posted on Mon 11 April 2016 in JavaFX, Testing • Tagged with Eclipse, headless, JavaFX, Maven, Monocle, TestFX

Jérome Cambon wrote a nice introduction to TestFX and how to enable the headless mode using Monocle.

I tried to reproduce the steps he described for running my TestFX GUI tests in headless mode from Eclipse so I can keep using my mouse while they are running. The crux is …

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GUI Generation with JavaFX

Posted on Fri 12 July 2013 in 3D, EMF • Tagged with data model, drag & drop, Eclipse, EMF Client Platform, EMF Edit, forms, FXForm2, GUI generation, Java, JavaBean, JavaFX, open source, RCP, real world, scene graph

Recently, we have had a look at JavaFX libraries for generating UIs in a dynamic way. The idea is that we have a data model (a JavaBean class, an EMF model class, a model class with JavaFX properties,...) as input for some GUI builder that takes the model and generates …

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Designing Interfaces with JavaFX

Posted on Wed 24 April 2013 in JavaFX, UI Design • Tagged with design, e(fx)clipse, Eclipse, Halo effect, iPod, Java, JavaFX, Jenifer Tidwell, personas, user experience, user interface

Good design makes you happy. I was happy when I first saw an iPod, and even happier when I first held it in my hand. Sometimes, you will not notice the positive effects good design has on you, but you will always notice the effects of bad design.

I'm a …

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